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Lloyds Bank Foundation Project

North Staffs Carers Association is delighted to have been awarded funding by the

Lloyds Bank Foundation for two part time Support Workers over a three year period.

The project commenced at the beginning of October 2016 the Support Workers will be based in the Carers Centre ensuring Carers have access to timely advice, information and support

to assist them in their caring roles.

These new roles will aim to reduce the stress which some Carers face and reduce the risk

of crisis therefore leading to an improvement in Carers overall Health and Well Being.

This new service for Carers will provide one to one contact in the Carers Centre or telephone contact to improve the networks of support for Carers and reduce feelings of isolation.

To find out more about this project or to speak to one of our

Support Workers please call the Carers Centre on 01782 793100.

Peter From The Lloyds Bank Foundation Visiting the Carers Centre

What to do next

If you are a Carer and would like to be referred to us as to start receiving support, all you need to do is phone 01782 793100.


If you are a professional, and  would like to make a Carer Referral please click here

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