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Dementia Carers Service

The Dementia Carers Service ensures that support solutions are in place enabling the Carer to have choice and control in their day to day lives.  Support is flexible to meet the needs of Carers and their families ensuring that service provision is available at a range of times.


The Dementia Carers Service Pilot Project helps to :


  • Increase the identification of Carers through Awareness raising

  • Provide emotional and practical support to meet identified needs.

  • Reduce any appropriate caring pressures

  • Improve Carers quality of life and opportunities

  • Improve Carers physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Provide personalised, integrated and holistic support

  • Advocate on behalf of the Carer where required


What to do next

Referrals are accepted from Carers themselves, Health and Social Care Services, relatives and friends and Voluntary Organisations.


If you are a Carer and would like to be referred to us to start receiving support, all you need to do is phone  01782 793100.


If you are a professional, and  would like to make a Carer Referral please click here

The Pilot Project offers:


  • Dementia Sessions and Support Groups

  • Drop In Sessions

  • Casework

  • Dementia Training Sessions


In addition, Carers will have access to a monthly Advice Clinic focussing on Lasting Power of Attorney, Making a Will and Property Law.


Having accessed this service Carers who are caring for someone living with Dementia will feel recognised and supported as an individual and will have the necessary support network in place to help to maintain their health, wellbeing and independence with a life outside their caring role.

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