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The 7Stars Foundation


My Time Project 

Our my Time Project is funded by the 7 Stars Foundation supporting Young Carers from 5 to 16 years around their emotional Health and Wellbeing.

The project has a Counsellor who provides one to one specialist emotional support for Young Carers. 

Our counsellor provides Young Carers with access to emotional wellbeing support in self confidence, self esteem, resilience and help with emerging mental health difficulties. 

What to do next

If you are a Young Carer and would like to be referred to us as to start receiving support, all you need to do is phone 01782 793100 – you can phone yourself or ask an adult to phone for you.


If you are a professional, and  would like to make a young Carer Referral please click here

Deb Aisbitt.JPG

Upon referral into North Staffs Carers for counselling, you will be allocated to our Young Carer’s counsellor Deb (that’s me!)

We’ll meet over 6 consecutive weeks at your school for 1 hour sessions. It’s an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings. This service adheres to the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) Ethical framework, policies and guidelines.

We also run an Emotional Well-being group for 5-8 years, 8-11 years plus. Each block lasts 4 weeks and is held on a Thursday evening 6-7.30pm at the centre. We cover topics such as Self esteem, Bullying, Internet/Social Media, Thoughts and feelings and many, many, many arts and crafts. If you like to make slime, stress balls and worry monsters then get in touch because these are some of our favourite things too! (What are the chances???)

If you have any questions about the referral process or the Emotional
Well-being group please contact the centre on 01782 793100


Hi I’m Bertie the resident Worry Monster at North Staffs Carers. I love eating worries! Just write them down on a piece of paper and pop into my mouth! Yum, yum……:)

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