Keele University Family Session

April 24, 2016



Keele University today held a family fun session based around science for the Young Carers and their families.


The event was held between 10am and 12pm in the universities 'Sustainability Hub'.


Some of the activities included:-


  • The Egg Drop - Exploring physics through an egg. The Young Carers designed housings and parachutes to slow down an eggs decent to the floor to try and avoid it from breaking.

  • Green Screen - Just like the big Hollywood blockbuster movies, Keele provided a green screen back drop and costumes which saw our Young Carers stand on the moon.

  • Scrap Heap Challenge - The Young Carers built cars out of every day objects which were powered by solar panels.

The Young Carers and their families enjoyed it so much they asked if it would be possible to hold another family session.

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Drayton Manor Summer Trip

August 22, 2017

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