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From As One CIC

As One (Enablement Services) CIC is Stoke-on-Trent’s first and only support service with Social Enrichment and Mental Wellbeing at the heart of all we do. We are a small team of care professionals with a wealth of experience, who take great pleasure in providing a range of individually-tailored care and support elements to enrich your life.

We want to inspire and enable you to realise and achieve your aspirations, and support you to live your best life in exactly the way you want to! 

About the Service

Carers from NSC are referred to As One at any point during the caring journey.


The shared goal from both organisations is to enable and empower the Carer. 


Services include :


Regular face to face appointments, each appointment is for a minimum of 1 hour at a pace and setting of the Carers choice.


Signposting, and the creation of a personalised support network.


Assistance to set up mobile devices laptops etc.. that are proven to bolster support.


Temporary assistance to attend meetings and groups.


A 1 hour carer breather visit, relieving the Carer of duties for a small period of time (depending on severity of crisis and availability of senior support staff)

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