Statement from the Chair of our Board of Trustees

It is with the deepest regret and very reluctantly that NSCA are closing their Carers Centre in Duke Street.


You will all be aware of the very difficult working conditions imposed by government regulations in the current circumstances of the pandemic that we are all experiencing.  Personal inter reaction, which we have always prided ourselves on, and which is essential to you and us is currently a real problem for the services which we provide.


Keeping you, new Carers to our services and our staff safe, is becoming more and more difficult.


In addition, financial constraints require the association to be careful of expenditure, as economic prudence is essential to the association’s survival, with no guarantee, for any of us, of what the future holds.


Other charities are experiencing similar problems.  We are adapting to new conditions, ensuring that services to our Carers remain second to none.


We have thus decided, for the time being, to close the Centre and will be moving to smaller more economical premises based in Stoke on Trent from which to carry on the associations work.


We will be supporting existing groups to ensure they can continue to meet regularly in a warm and welcoming environment whilst also taking our services out across the City, Newcastle and the Moorlands opening up more opportunities for new Carers.


I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that it is only our premises that will change.  All services remain the same.


Kindest regards


Neil Chadwick


COVID-19 Update

We are unfortunately back, working from home as of Monday 2nd November 2020

This also means that our Carers Centre has had to shut its doors once again to visitors and groups until 2nd December at the earliest.

All home visits for the foreseeable future will be cancelled and your allocated support worker will be in contact with you as soon as they can.


We will continue to provide support to all Carers and Young Carers across North Staffordshire as best as we can through online and telephone support.

Our duty number is still active five days a week during our office hours 10am - 4pm. However, please be aware that staff will be working from home and calls will be redirected to the designated duty worker for those day. This may mean that your call may not get through straight away as we are limited to one phone line. Should you need to get in touch with a specific department, please tell the duty worker this, leave your name and number with them and they will pass the message on to the relevant team who will then call you back. Please be aware the number will appear withheld as it has been redirected.

We look forward  again to seeing you all very soon.


Take care in these uncertain times.