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A Carer is someone who, without payment, cares for someone else due to illness, disability, or infirmity who could not manage alone.


Carers can be any age or gender and can be found in all communities.


A Carers’ lifestyle can be restricted and Carers can become mentally and

physically exhausted, because of their caring role.


Many people do not identify themselves as Carers and do not seek

necessary help and support.

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If you have answered YES to the above questions?


It is highly likely that you are a Carer whether you recognise it or not.


Could this be you????????

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What does a Carer Do?


The caring role can be diverse.  Ranging from provision of continuous care to the person that they are caring for, through to shorter yet intensive caring on a sporadic basis.


This could included :

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Personal Care – Support with dressing, washing and toileting


Emotional Care – Offering a listening ear, moral support or simply providing companionship for someone who is feeling lonely and isolated.


Physical/Practical Care – Support with manual handling, lifting, assisting and helping the cared for when moving around.


Domestic Care – Carrying out daily tasks such as cooking, housework and shopping.


Health Care and Wellbeing – Wellbeing of the cared for is paramount along with support in managing illness or condition or helping to administer medication.


Financial Management – Support with financial management and affairs


Liaison Support – Assisting with any communication between the cared for and professionals.



Who do unpaid Carers care for?

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If you are a Carer, you may think you are alone, that no-one notices you, or that what you do doesn’t really have much impact. You are wrong!!!!!


North Staffs Carers can help and offer you support with your caring role.


nsc provides a person-centred holistic approach, enabling Carers to have choice and control in their caring role, improving confidence and instilling a sense of self determination whilst offering opportunities to improve lives. 

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