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Older Wiser Lives (OWL) Project

 If you are a Carer aged 60+, our O.W.L (Older Wiser Lives) project can help you:

Be Safer by:

• Arranging fire safety checks and smoke alarms at home

• Introducing you to the Police VIP (Valued Independent People) scheme

Be Healthier by:

• Supporting you to access fitness activities designed for older people

• Giving you the opportunity to access wellbeing/relaxation therapy sessions

• Providing emotional support

Be Financially Better Off by:

• Helping you get a benefits check

• Helping you make sure you are on the best energy tariff

• Advising you how to get help with money worries

Be Independent by:

• Advising you on accessing home aids and assistive technology to make life easier

• Helping you to access Occupational Therapy services

Be Fulfilled by:

• Inviting you to join in the many activities on offer at our Carers Centre

• Helping you access local community leisure and social activities ideal for older people

• Informing you about day care and respite services to help you have a life outside of your Caring role.


To find out more about this project or to speak to one of our

Support Workers please call the Carers Centre on 01782 793100.

What to do next

If you are a Carer and would like to be referred to us as to start receiving support, all you need to do is phone 01782 793100.


If you are a professional, and  would like to make a young Carer Referral please click here

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