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North Staffs Carers Young Carers Activity's - Alton Towers Day Trip 2017

Today started for staff at 8:30am ready to greet the Young Carers before Copeland's Coach arrived. All Young Carers were excited about today’s trip, especially due to their caring role not allowing them much time for activity’s like this and some family’s not being able to afford.

We also had a few new to our service attending, Carers Young Carers Dept, doing activities like this. Even at this stage parents and guardians were saying thank you.

Then the Copeland's Coach arrived to much cheer from Young Carers with Darren the driver arriving early with a smile, not only to staff but the Young Carers as well. Already we were all in positive mood for what was to come. We arrived in good time with no problems and the Young carers were keen to go on the rides. Most were discussing what and where they would like to go on first, which was lovely to see them have an opportunity to make friends outside the limits of the caring role they all provide.

As the day progressed the Young carers Team listened with amusement and amazement what the Young carers had experienced on the rides. Some sounded horrifying to myself and other colleagues but feedback was hat it was amazing, fun, as well as an adrenaline rush. One teenage Young Carer who had never done anything like this before, who can present as quite withdrawn and does not socialise outside the activity’s we offer, we observed talking and sharing his experience with people of his own age as well has humorously anyone that would listen about his ride on Oblivion.

As we returned to the coach to be greeted by Darren, there were many tired but extremely happy faces. It was an amazing day and opportunity for the Young carers to have one day about them and none of the pressures or worries that is everyday life for these young people.

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