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Stanley Head OEC Summer Residential

Over the weekend (11-12th June) we took a handful of our Young Carers to 'Stanley Head: Outdoor Educational Centre just outside of Endon to take part in a range of activities.

Their instructor was Sam, who ensured that all of our Young Carers were strapped up securely in their harnesses and helmets before being led to the outside high ropes location. The Young Carers climbed up a tower via the indoor steps and took part in the para-fan drop. This is a 10m free fall drop that is slowed down by an apparatus which controls a person's decent to the ground. A few of the Young Carers felt nervous before but they all conjured up the courage and took the leap.

Once safely on the ground, they were harnessed up again but this time to climb up the wall they were previously descending from on the centres outdoor climbing wall. All of the Young Carers took part in this activity and all were able to accomplish the climb.