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PGL Residential February Half Term

So here we go again, We're back at PGL with a group of Young Carers to tackle whatever activities and challenges the staff set us.

Day 1

Everything is going fine, all the Young Carers' luggage is on the minibus and we're all ready to set off come 11am. We fuelled up just outside Trentham and away we went.

It took us about an hour to get here. No traffic or hold ups, just what we like. All the Young Carers sitting behind myself and Diane were already starting to get to know each other or rekindle friendships that they already had previously.

We arrived and met with Lucy our leader for the duration. Everyone warmed to her right away. We headed for lunch before heading to our first activities of the day. Giant Swing and the Tunnels.

The Giant Swing is exactly what it is. The Young Carers were harnessed and paired up and each one strapped up to have a go. This tested there wits when it came to heights.

Afterwards came the Tunnels, which were situated under mounds of grass near the archery ranges. They all took turns playing hide and seek in the Tunnels as well as other games.

After dinner we headed down into the woods to do our final activity for the day. Which was a simple campfire with marshmallows. By this time the wind had picked up and smoke and embers were blowing everywhere.

Day 2 will be another great day for them. Especially as breakfast is at 8:45. Nice lie in then.

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