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Young Carers Dementia Awareness Training

On Saturday 10th June Young Carers came to the Carers Centre to find out about people with dementia.

Young Carers learned all about the different types of dementia and how it affects different parts of the brain.

They learned that you can get dementia at any age. It isn’t always the elderly that get dementia as well as understanding how the different dementia’s can effect different elements such as speech, movement, organising and coordinating which can often lead to people with early stages dementia to become low and frustrated.

Young Carers took part in an activity which highlighted the various stages as well as an understanding that with support people with dementia can live well.

Young Carers filled their Dementia Friends details and what actions that they will take to make a difference. Evaluation forms which Young Carers filled in at the end of the session let the team know what they gained from the session and what they would like to do next time. Di Cox Young Carers Manager presented the Young Carers with their Dementia Friends badges,

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