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What's That Coming Over The Hill??

In April of this year, the Young Carers department created their first What's On Activity Poster with a list of groups and sessions throughout spring. Filled with Film nights, Art's and Crafts and First Aid Training, the What's On proved to be a great success as parents and Young Carers could see everything in one place and start writing down on the calendar all the great activities and sessions they wish to participate in.

Here's the great news...

The next one is currently in the final stages of development and will be ready very shortly, the What's On Autumn and Winter will cover September through to December and will be jam packed with activities as well as bringing back our annual themed disco's.

To save on costs we will be emailing the What's On out to parents rather than posting. Please contact the Young Carers Team on 01782 793100 to provide us with your email address so that you don't miss out.

Like before you can either ring up and book on all the activities your son/daughter would like to do in one go, or closer to the days.

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