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The Musketeer Project

The project focuses on the complex needs of Young Carers (aged 8 – 18). within the context of the family.

The project adopts an holistic family approach in order to minimise the impact of the caring role on Young Carers and promote their personal development.

Support provided by the project will include :

What to do next

If you are a Young Carer and would like to be referred to us as to start receiving support, all you need to do is phone 01782 793100 – you can phone yourself or ask an adult to phone for you.


If you are a professional, and  would like to make a young Carer Referral please click here

What happens once I am referred into the Musketeer Project?

You will be allocated a named Key Worker who will work with you and your family to help with any problems you may be experiencing.


Together we can put an action plan in place to help with your caring role. 


The support you will receive could be : 


  • One to one support with one of our Key Support Workers to chat with you to find out about your caring role and what support you would like to receive from the project.

  • Or you could received invitations to our Outings and Activities Programme.

It is really important to us that you feel valued as a Young Carer and that you don't feel alone.

The Musketeer Project is here to help you in many ways :

  • To help you feel good about helping the person you care for.

  • To get you the right support and educe the impact of your caring role.

  • To address any problems that may arise due to your caring role having an impact on your educational and emotional development.

Support provided by the project includes :

Team Lead - is responsible for supporting the Musketeer Team and carrying out all initial visits to find out what support you need to help with your caring role. Along with looking after the needs of each Young Carer as well as working with the family to put into place positive actions.

Support within Schools/Colleges - Carer Awareness Sessions are available in schools  to identify hidden Young Carers. One to one support is offered to discuss any issues that you may have due to your caring role. Caring can often impact on your education and       progress so support is really important to reach  your educational goals.

Named Key Worker - is responsible for the continued support on a one to one basis working towards a positive outcome for the Young Carer, as well as working with the family to put into place positive actions.

Counselling Service - One to One or  Group counselling is available to Young Carers and their families where necessary in an environment that suits their needs. It helps with emotional wellbeing and reduces the feeling of being alone. 

Age appropriate Training Sessions and Activities  

Age appropriate training sessions are available focusing on the needs of the Young Carers, including liaising with employers to address the barriers that Carers often face in a work setting.

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