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The Carers Cente

The Carers Centre is a place where all non paid Carers can visit for advice, information and support, whatever their situation or circumstances.


The Carers Centre aims to provide a warm welcoming friendly and relaxing environment.


At the Centre Carers can talk in confidence to a member of staff about their caring role, socialise with other Carers or simply enjoy a well earned respite break and a cuppa.


The Carers Centre provides an environment where Carers are listened to and valued and appreciated for carrying out a role which at times may prove tiring or stressful.


The Carers Centre offers Carers the opportunity to be become involved in a variety of support groups, activities, workshops and events every month such as:


  • Weekly and monthly support groups dependent on Carers needs

  • Training courses and workshops to assist Carers in their caring role

  • Carer led groups such as the Camera Club and Writing Group

  • Art and Craft Workshops

  • Events for Carer and Cared for

  • Provide relaxation and massage to promote Carers physical and emotional wellbeing


We work together in partnership with organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, Stroke Association and Macmillan to ensure individual Carers needs are met.


The Carers Centre offers a drop in service where Carers can call in during our opening times, no appointment is required. Carers are always guaranteed that a member of staff is available with the knowledge to offer timely support and information regarding any concerns or difficulties which may have arisen from their caring role.


The Centre also provides an information hub for Carers where they have access to information about local services and support. We currently hold over 500 pieces of current up to date information about local services and support and also provide monthly displays in the Centre to promote Carers Awareness. 


Centre Opening Times: Monday – Friday 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

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