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PJ the Showman

Well what can I say? I would never have imagined starting a new career in such a way as this. It came across to me as an initiation to the project and here’s why.

It was only my second day as my new role as Young Carers Support Worker and already we had an event lined up. The Stoke on Trent Lions Club gratefully funded a brilliant entertainer named “PJ the Showman”. He combined slapstick, magic and interaction and turned it into an afternoon full of fun for the Young Carers and even the staff.

For a couple hours, our Young Carers could be children again. Laughing, smiling and most importantly being themselves away from their caring role.

The interaction consisted of party games that put the boys and girls against each other. Games that included “Over Under” with a ball, “Through the Ring” which we had to pass the ring over our selves; which with my figure proved quite a challenge. Ultimately the girls did win however; everyone were winners because everyone had a lot of fun and that the greatest prize.

Grace and I’s initiation came at this point; five adults, five Young Carers, five chairs and a polystyrene bowl. Diane, Grace, myself and two members from the Stoke on Trent Lions Club. We sat down on these chairs and the Young Carers started to play what seemed like “pass the parcel” with this empty bowl. Diane (who was sitting on the end) looked over to me and asked why we were sitting on these chairs. Then it was made very clear why we were there. ‘PJ’ then produced a can of shaving foam and filled the bowl. The rest is self explanatory. Splat, Splat, Splat; it was down to myself and a Lions Club member. We shook hands as if to say “may the best man win”.

I Lost.

What happened next came as a huge surprise to me. I didn’t have any time to compose myself; to close my ears, nose, mouth and barely my eyes. Splat! I actually felt the bowl break on my face.

The pictures illustrate the day perfectly.

It was by far the best way to start a new job by far.

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