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2017 Update

So, we are well into 2017 now. Can you believe it? February already; next thing you'll know it will be Christmas again, but this is for another post later on the year.

So what have we been doing here at Young Carers HQ. Well we kicked off the year with another visit from the wonderful staff at KMF.

We celebrated Young Carers Awareness Day by inviting the Young Carers to a film night as well as holding a competition based around the theme of the day, 'What I Want To Be'. We had a lot of entries sent into us with lots of colourful drawings and text related to the aspirations of these Young Carers.

Myself and the rest of the Young Carers team sat down the other week to discuss 2017. We started to jot down a list of activities that we think would be perfect for the Young Carers. Little did we know this list would keep getting longer and longer.

I'm not able to release what we have planned yet but we will soon.

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